Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today I'm wearing a dress handmade by me, a vintage leather jacket, and some bow sandal things. Simple!

Today was really yucky outside, which is a shame as it's my last day off. I still managed to have fun, waking up late and going breakfast/lunch with Colin at Todd's Place. After that we went to Aquaserene and I bought a clownfish for Colin's new saltwater set up! No name for him yet but he's soooo cute ;___; He looked a little stressed out in his new tank, I hope he's adjusting okay! I'll take a picture of him and my new tank soon!

Speaking of pets, my sister's dog won't leave me alone today D:< she's adorable but following me around and driving me CRAZY. She also wanted to take pictures, so I'll leave you with these :P

durr hurr


Monday, March 15, 2010



As promised, here's some photos of the shorts I made a few days ago! It was actually sunny and warm here today, so i jumped at the chance to wear them for the first time. I love them ;___; I usually hate my legs in shorts but these are different, I feel like they're really flattering! Here's more pic spam :P


not paying attention haha

I ran around town and did lots of necessary errands today. Nothing too exciting but I did pay the application fee for my first very own apartment! I visited it on Friday and it's so so perfect for me and Billiam. It's in an old house that's been split into three apartments. I'm applying for the lower level; it's just a cute little one bedroom. I feel like my life has been moving in such a positive direction lately, I hope I can be lucky enough to get this place too! Wish me luck! I'll leave you with a little more pic spam.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Shopping Haul!

P1050529, originally uploaded by wheel_of_vegtables.

I went shopping with Ashlee the other day! I managed to get a bunch of great things, take a look!

I got five vintage patterns, a cute little hat, and an electric razor that works and was never used! I'm so excited! I already made a pair of green shorts from these, I'll take a picture later :) They fit like a dream! I'm just itching to go fabric shopping now, haha! I love shopping with Ashlee, I always seem to find the best stuff!

Poor Colin is feeling sick today, I want to go make him soup. ;___;

I applied for my own apartment today! It's adorable and vintage and tiny, in the perfect neighborhood. I hope i get it so Billiam and I can finally have a home! I'm tired of using my parent's house as a storage unit and just sleeping wherever.