Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today I'm wearing a dress handmade by me, a vintage leather jacket, and some bow sandal things. Simple!

Today was really yucky outside, which is a shame as it's my last day off. I still managed to have fun, waking up late and going breakfast/lunch with Colin at Todd's Place. After that we went to Aquaserene and I bought a clownfish for Colin's new saltwater set up! No name for him yet but he's soooo cute ;___; He looked a little stressed out in his new tank, I hope he's adjusting okay! I'll take a picture of him and my new tank soon!

Speaking of pets, my sister's dog won't leave me alone today D:< she's adorable but following me around and driving me CRAZY. She also wanted to take pictures, so I'll leave you with these :P

durr hurr


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  1. Cute dress!! I can't get enough gingham these days! Love the puppy too!!