Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So I've been slowly learning how to use my new camera! It's really fun and exciting! I loooove it :) Anyway, I wore this outfit and my wonderful boyfriend took pictures for me.

Dude, lookbook has been driving me crazy! I feel like sometimes I get tons of views and other times no one will see a look at all? Maybe my looks just suck, idk. It's almost like they don't show up or something! I don't get it! Anyway...


  1. I think lookbook is just stupid sometimes. People have really boring taste in outfits most of the time too.

    1. Yeah I guess I'm still pretty confused about how it works/ what time to post! It's frustrating at times!

  2. I googled for Kimchi Blue shoes and found your blog! nice style and hair! keep it up :)
    following you now :)