Friday, March 2, 2012

I hate my wardrobe

So I just recently dyed my hair purple. I guess I'm going through a quarter life crisis or something, but I love my hair again for now. I've been so focused on my new job at work that there's been hardly anytime to have fun with fashion! Wearing scrubs everyday is really a sad thing.

I'm resolved to dress to the nines on my few days off and to start shopping again! My wardrobe has become boring and stagnant, the same way I felt about my hair. I wish it was as easy to fix as just buying a new exciting bottle of dye, but it's going to be a more expensive process I think... But inspired again. So here's the past couple of outfits I've worn on my days off!

I remember what I love, it's all about getting back to my roots of inspiration for me right now. If you'd like to hype my looks it'd be much appreciated!

So what is inspiring you lately?

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